The YouTube Captioning Thing

The YouTube Captioning Thing allows you to create a running commentary for any embeddable YouTube movie. Your captioned videos can be embedded in any web page, blog entry or forum post that allows JavaScript. Captions can be plain text, or contain any valid html element besides divs.

The YouTube Captioning Thing editor comes in two flavors:

Captioned videos have been tested for playback with standards compliant browsers (Safari, Firefox and Chrome), and with Internet Explorer down to version 7. The editors only seem to work correctly in standards compliant browsers.

Several great contributors and I keep a running blog of humorously-captioned videos at Check it out!

Technically, it doesn't have to be used for evil. Unlike YouTube annotations, the YouTube Captioning Thing doesn't require you to own the video. It can be used for translation, criticism or alternative annotation. It's also more flexible than YouTube annotations, and quite easy to use.

New Overlaid Version:
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Average Ages
Morning Musume: 20
Tanpopo: 17
Berryz Kobo: 16
íC-ute: 15

(You're welcome.)
Oh god, this is one of those sh*tty uploads where the sound is out of sync, isn't it?
The director's concept this time: "King Kong before the monkey shows up."
Hugh wooed Heaney
That's all garlic?
Condone cool weed. Neat, a wigwam
Elephant, no, Coochie Goosy
"Mother may we," we know the rules
Let me tell her, Miss Asinine
God an emo, meet sinners armed
Sure you can't debug Camino, why could she?
Gnu, gnu, sheep, pig
Ya, I know 9-pin
Double sheeting
I know Tony
Don't let it travel on the back of me!
Yoghurt is yummy today!
I want him to cower
Sh*t I was saying you could do well
Day old Dominos
In Jew movie saloons
The cartoons
I'd like to go today
My outfit tangled a sardine
Oh, and I need some cheap art, eh?
I sat here, you know buddy
First bridge, and I'm still not sure about the sound sync.
I suppose if straight men costumed them they wouldn't be wearing anything...
Took her eating
A coke girly
Jenny mooned you? Dude, that's your car
With those sheep they "knew" Killarney
I let them in, he says she said
I'm damn near shaking
Murdered Nietzsche
Took her emo nail like a shiv
She's out busted -- Eee! -- to tomb I laid the cow
Aladdin, Nemo -- get your cousins
I'm no condom
Eat your curry
Now can you see I'm no amateur?
Your eyes allow me to neck
A-A-e-choo! Cool wad
Sh*t, I was saying you could do well
Someone should docket her
Cool comb-over, Harry
So can you
Our life's so cold today
Why does she care you cooked her lab?
Oh -- mmm -- I need some cheap art, eh
I sang here. You're normal, eh?
What does a boa do exactly?
This is a weird version of Chicken Little.
I can't tell what's bad choreography, what's bad costuming, and what's bad lighting.
Allow me to cavort
She-Owl was sent to cool the world
Deal out those dominos
And to your own bitch, salut
Chicken, mmm!
I'll have some coke-odin
Mad Hatter thinks of us as Eve
Odin, I need the chief RA
Outside here you're normal, eh?
I'm ready to go'way
Sh*t, hours singing your cool new wail
So won't you die, killer?
A true cover headache
Suck it, do
A lesser coma day
Why don't you care, you crooked liar?
Oh what a nasal, cheap "artist"
Outside here you're nobody
"A monkey?"
"MY monkey!"
"Her monkey?"
"Which monkey?"
"That monkey."
Incoming 747!
Capped by Space Toast
Old Version:
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More or less by default.
(And even more bullshit stories.)
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...

"Hello, you're on Car Talk."

"Yes, I keep hearing a brain wave vibration..."

Is this the apocalypse video from Gremlins II ?
The "Argument By Pun" logical fallacy, ladies and gentlemen.
And like the Master Control Program, it can be defeated by Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner.
Like the Snugee.
I guess.
.oO(I can HEAR the pastels!)
It's called "Not dying."
...that he could become a multimillionaire, and bang lots of hot American chicks if he renamed his cult "Dahn Yoga" and moved it to Arizona.
Unlike rocks, or teakettles.
Uh uh.
No. No. No. No. No!
Change my pitch up! Smack my bitch up!
Change my pitch up! Smack my bitch up!
Change my pitch up! Smack my bitch up!
Here they all are.
Dammit, do it! DAMN YOU!
You "choir" your mind down?
What about after the breakdown?
Into what?
"Better" is a bit vague here.
(slash wallet)
How to put this delicately...
Except, you know, cancer and stuff.
Where's the keg?
And have more sex.
With more passion and energy.
With her? Sure!
*Warning: Brain wave vibration may cause yeast infection. Do not taunt brain wave vibration. Consult your doctor if you experience any results of brain wave vibration, as they may be a sign of a more serious mental condition. Void in Utah and Florida. These claims have not been verified by Oprah Winfrey.