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The Great Facebook/AIM Plague of '07

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I recently accepted an invite to Facebook, which should have been my first warning. I've worked hard on this site and this blog for the pleasure or pain of the internet entier, and I dislike the very concept of internet "walled gardens" requiring exclusive membership.

But join I did.

Facebook has a feature which allows you to issue invites via the AIM network. Last night, while attempting to add my roommate as a "friend" -- something I thought I'd already done in real life some months ago -- it discovered a second real-life friend on my buddy list and asked if I would like to add her as well. I asked it to invite them both. Somehow, that caused invitations to be sent to everyone on my AIM buddy list! Everyone. Including people who were offline. Just. Plain. Everyone. Several-year-old addresses, people I haven't spoken to in years, you name it, there's now a special invitation to Facehuggerbook waiting for them the next time they log in.

And there's no way to stop it.

As my here message now reads in iChat, "FUCK Facebook! Sorry ALL of you."

08.09.2007 23:00

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