Retired Addiction

Retired Addiction

The “Silent Hill: 0rigins” Soundtrack

No really, I’ve gone straight from being addicted to one Silent Hill soundtrack to another.

“0rigins” (with a little zed) was apparently a kind of a dashed off prequel for PSP, but the music is a full Akira Yamaoka score with vocals by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Melissa Williamson). As a handheld title by a different studio, the mix and arrangements are a bit smaller than 3 or 4, but it has some solid tracks. “O.R.T.” seems to be the fan favorite, but I prefer “Shot Down in Flames.”

My question is, how can a Japanese sound effects artist writing music for a horror videogame have a better sense of putting a rock song together than anyone on U.S. Top 40 radio?

Retired Addiction

Cotorich. I have no idea who she is or what she’s saying, but I can’t look away.

And just to round out our week of Japanese WTF…

I can find no artist or provenance for this image, but I find it brilliantly twisted:

And as a chaser, a pretty girl in a bikini, playing a violin. Quite well in fact: