Retired Addiction

Gawker Steals My HR Comic

How sarcastically flattering.

Here is Gawker’s featured shirt of the day:

And here is the very first Human Resources comic strip, number 1 of 41, from September 2004:

Here’s how it works. The HR comics were popular with my fellow grunts at the job that inspired them, and were widely circulated on MySpace. (They still get a few dozen hits a month.) Someone saw the strip, liked the punchline, and submitted it to Gawker. They couldn’t spell children.

I guess I should be a little flattered that it was voted highly enough to get a shirt made.

But at least when design firm Pylit liked my Tape Case Bike Light, they were decent enough to pay me to rewrite the article for them.

STP Relaunched

The Space Toast Page has become the Space Toast Pages, a “journal of journals” on Rasmussen’s various obsessions and experiments. The weekly issue format has been discarded in favor of a categorized, feed-friendly, commentable series of blogs and sub-blogs running on the free and open source Blosxom content management system. Thank you as always for reading, and welcome back!