Lillie is the Keeper: How to Play

“Lillie is the Keeper” is an augmented reality app built on Apple’s AR Kit. You control Lillie by moving around in a play space you set up in the real world.

We start with a setup level, where AR Kit tries to understand and map out your surroundings. It mainly does this via parallax—the difference between the view from one spot, and the view from another spot nearby. As such, your first order of business is to get up, and start slowly walking around the space where you’d like to play.

The most important thing to find is the floor.

The level will also try to map out obstructions, like walls and tables. It tends to do better with square shapes and flat surfaces.

If you go too fast, the app will let you know.

After a short time, the setup level will attempt to place your play space in an uncluttered spot. Be sure to check it for obstructions that you can see, but the app can’t figure out. To reposition it, just tap the button, and aim your device somewhere better.

The play space doesn’t include everything in Lillie’s lighthouse, but it does including everything you’ll need to interact with to complete the game.

When you’re ready, tap Play, and set a comfortable eye height.

If you find your space won’t work, or AR Kit gets confused, you can reset and set up again. This is possible at any time from the Game Menu.

AR Kit works best when it has plenty of light. Large, open spaces and featureless views—like the sky, or a solid-colored wall—tend not to work well, as it can’t find enough parallax. You’ll see this as glitching in the game.

That should be enough to get you started. Have fun!

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