So Sick of T-Mobile

The T-Mobile call centers seem to have been fobbed a new policy requiring everyone to be more chatty, informal and energetic. Much, MUCH more chatty, informal, and energetic.

This is even more irritating than it sounds. We’re not at a party. I’m not trying to hook up with you. I don’t even know how cool the handset is, because I don’t have it yet. That’s why I’m calling.

Rewind. I ordered a new phone for $18 at the end of September and signed up for two more years of service. Note that the phone was “free,” except for an $18 fee, which wouldn’t have been incurred by simply using my current phone for two more years. We, as a society, are drowning in bullshit.

I checked last week to find out why the phone hadn’t arrived yet. They had no information about the order, so I called T-Mobile again. The ridiculously chatty, informal and energetic representative informed me that it hadn’t shipped yet, but would the next day. I verified that it was coming to my new address in LA, not my old address in Boston, thanked the representative and hung up.

Fast-forward to last night. On a whim, I checked again for the shipping status. The phone was in Chelmsford, MA, and scheduled to be delivered today. I called T-Mobile back.

Chatty, informal and energetic Esther told me that the phone was back-ordered. No, it’s aready been shipped, I told her, and gave her the tracking number. She verified that as true, and finally gave me a number to call — which I realize now she must have gotten by Googling the UPS Store in Cambridge, MA. I was told to call and cancel the delivery. Once the phone got back to T-Mobile (whenever the hell THAT might be), they would reprocess the order and send it out to me in LA. I called the number, got a machine, and left a message.

I checked this morning. The phone has been delivered. To my old address, on the beautiful North Atlantic.

I’m about to call T-Mobile for round three.

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