Tiny Convoy

“Tiny Convoy” is a convoy simulator—a moving base builder. Your goal is to survive as a group of tiny robots in a big dangerous world. Find power, upgrade your bots, and avoid dangers.

With Lucas Oliveira & Niek Meffert

Contributions: 90% C# Code (2800 lines), 33% Design, 5% Art
Status: Demo Beta v0.3
Platform: Unity
Year: 2020-2021

The House of Time

“The House of Time” is a web-first 3d museum on the entirety of Earth’s deep history, in which every step you take represents a million years.


Contributions: 100% JavaScript/GLSL Code (2000 lines), Design, Art, Architecture
Status: Public Beta v0.3
Platform: HTML5/WebGL
Year: 2017-

October Haunts Me

“October Haunts Me” is an html5 auto-conversation game about the different versions of ourselves that have been, are, and will be, meeting an ex from many years prior.


Contributions: 100% JavaScript/CSS Code (500 lines), Design, Art
Status: Demo v1.0
Platform: HTML5
Year: 2020

I Hear the Wind

“I Hear the Wind” is a sound-focused walking simulator. Explore the inner world of a woman losing her sight.

With Lucas Oliveira & Jiayu Chen

Contributions: 100% C# Code (250 lines), 33% Design
Status: Demo Beta v0.1
Platform: Unity
Year: 2020

Yours to Forget

“Yours to Forget” is the pitch deck for a story world in which flat land is too dangerous to live upon. Features a detailed digital painting, world background, and more.

Contributions: 100% Design, Art, Writing
Status: Pitch Deck
Platform: PDF
Year: 2020


“Forest” makes you the drifting guardian of a deciduous forest. Seasons come and go. Rain, snow, wind, and the forest itself reshape a randomly generated landscape simulation.


Contributions: 100% JavaScript/GLSL Code (2700 lines), Design, Art
Status: Public Beta 0.7
Platform: Unity
Year: 2019-