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A Cinematic & Technical Artist with true generalist skills across the Unity stack +45 50 23 92 60
Jutland, Denmark

Lillie is the Keeper

Step into an adventure driven by your AR device. Mysterious disappearances sweep the world. 14 year old Lillie Pine is alone in an isolated lighthouse, with only her intrusive thoughts for company. Survive. Find Lillie’s strengths. And don’t believe Mrs. Noonday. Lillie is the keeper.

Featuring the voices of Sheri Lee, Robert Harrison & Melissa McCue-McGrath

Contributions: All. (AR system, cinematic & technical design)
Status: iOS Commercial Release (in Beta)
Platform: Unity
Year: 2022


 A visually rich third-person action game where you control an up-and-coming Shroom defender on its way to prove its mettle in the arena.

With Niek Meffert, Lucas Oliveira, Kaspar Dahl, Sabrina Christiansen and Natasha Beck.

Contributions: 100% Lighting & Color Design, 100% Custom Shaders, 50% C# Code, 50% Level Design
Status: Demo
Platform: Unity
Year: 2021

More: Download from (Mac & Windows)Color & FormsHDRP in URP


A demo-length 2.5D platformer. Journey with a young junker and her trusty mule deep into the desert and into a buried skyscraper, five hundred years after the Earth has stopped spinning.

With Niek Meffert, Anastasia Jacobsen, Ida Llja, Rosa Friholm and Lucia Mauri.

Contributions: 100% Lighting Design, 100% Custom Shaders, 75% C# Code
Status: Demo
Platform: Unity
Year: 2021

More: Download from (Mac & Windows)


A cinematic text adventure playable in-browser, created in 48 hours for the Nordic Game Jam 2021. A time loop story with independently scrolling multiplane illustrations via a custom hack.

With Sejr Thompson & Alexander Pechlivanidis

Contributions: 100% Layout Design, 100% Javascript & CSS code, 33% Story, 5% Writing, 0% Illustration
Status: Jam Game
Platform: HTML5 (Twine)
Year: 2021

More: Play Chronovorus on Itch.ioBackgound Info

The High Arctic

A story world pitch deck for Alex McDowell’s “Planet JUNK” collaboration. 500 years after the collapse of our civilization, an admixed tribe live an Inuit lifestyle in northern Greenland.

Contributions: 100% Design, Art, Writing
Status: Pitch Deck
Platform: PDF
Year: 2021

More: View PDFBackground

Tiny Convoy

A convoy simulator—a moving base builder. Your goal is to survive as a group of tiny robots in a big dangerous world. Find power, upgrade your bots, and avoid dangers.

With Lucas Oliveira & Niek Meffert

Contributions: 100% Lighting & Effects, 90% C# Code (2800 lines), 33% Design, 5% 3D Modeling
Status: Demo Beta v0.3
Platform: Unity
Year: 2020-2021

More: Mac & Windows DownloadConcept & PlanningSystems ProgrammingAsset CreationPostmortem & Cuts

The House of Time

A web-first 3d museum on the entirety of Earth’s deep history, in which every step you take represents a million years.

Contributions: 100% Design, Art, Shaders, 3D Modelling, JavaScript/GLSL Code (2000 lines), Architecture
Status: Public Beta v0.3
Platform: HTML5/WebGL
Year: 2017-

More: Visit the House of Time in your browserDevelopment Log

October Haunts Me

An html5 auto-conversation game about the different versions of ourselves that have been, are, and will be, meeting an ex from many years prior.

Contributions: 100% Design, Virtual Puppetry, JavaScript/CSS Code (500 lines)
Status: Demo v1.0
Platform: HTML5
Year: 2020

More: Play October Haunts Me in your browser

I Hear the Wind

A sound-focused walking simulator. Explore the inner world of a woman losing her sight.

With Lucas Oliveira & Jiayu Chen

Contributions: 100% Lighting & Effects, 100% C# Code (250 lines), 80% Level Design, 5% 3D Modeling
Status: Demo Beta v0.1
Platform: Unity
Year: 2020

More: Mac & Windows Download

Yours to Forget

The pitch deck for a story world in which flat land is too dangerous to live upon. Features a detailed digital painting, world background, and more.

Contributions: 100% Design, Art, Writing
Status: Pitch Deck
Platform: PDF
Year: 2020

More: View PDFConcept Background Illustration


Makes you the drifting guardian of a deciduous forest. Seasons come and go. Rain, snow, wind, and the forest itself reshape a randomly generated landscape simulation.

Contributions: 100% Design, Art, JavaScript/GLSL Code (2700 lines)
Status: Public Beta 0.7
Platform: HTML5/WebGL
Year: 2019-2020

More: Play Forest in your browserDevelopment Log