Admiral Bulletin & the Internet Elucidation

In a blog dating to 1999, not everything makes it over from one engine to another. Back in 2005, I wrote a four-part piece of literary criticism fiction on the history of the Admiral Bulletin franchise. It’s actually kind of good.

In celebration of resurrecting the Admiral Bulletin storytelling game, I’ve added it back to the WordPress blog with tags and correct dates. You can find the four parts (and notes) here:

Retired Addiction

Sailor Moon (Abridged)

Redubbed, shortened, edited episodes of “Sailor Moon,” exaggerating the characters and lampshading the absurdity of the show. Somewhat funnier than watching a cat fall off something on YouTube, in aggregate. On closer inspection, it’s one good voice actress doing the leads and production chores, with some friends tagging along. Remix-happy fun.