YouTube Captioning: How to Build a Large Family

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.oO(That… bitch)
“…for sex.”
It’s strangely hard to scrub the bullshit smell from a hyphenated URL.
“…or sobriety, or even the inclination…”

A) Family planning  C) Rupert Grint        

B) Bacon            D) Their daughters seek

                        to fill the loveless

                   void by getting

                    knocked up at 15

Wait, what? Back up…
“Building a warren of tents and shacks, if necessary.”
(Just not one-on-one.)
“…you try to remember their names…”
That is a dangerous twitch.
“Or help them with their homework. Which is good, because most of you probably can neither read nor write.”
“Just take it! Take it, bitch! F*CK FOR JESUS! *sob* Daddy, stop hitting Mommy…
You get a phone call in prison.
“…shepherds them, if you will…”
“Mommy, I have a nail in my head.”

“Stop being so needy and demanding, dear.”

Unlike your husband, a tool who doesn’t work.
“But what do I know? I’m just a woman.”

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