YouTube Captioning: Jesus and Moses Went Golfing

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“…you said we’d be in the desert for a week.”
Book of Clubs: 8 wood 4
Please don’t do that.
Spreads a choirboy’s anus, and…
Jesus doesn’t handle confrontation well.
But it’s hard to make par with your penis.
Passive-aggressively immitating Charlie Chaplin.
Moses was just being an asshole.
Is Jesus doing the sound effects too?
( / 2) –
For more of God being a dick, please read the Old Testament.
God is just sick of your masturbating.
(The guy reaching for the man with the limp penis.)
Did he say when?



(He’s right… He’s right… That’s right… Oh my god, that’s so right…)

Did they know how condoms worked?
It also lets SATAN crawl up your hoo-ha.
“You… SLUT.”
Actually, the Catholic church has spent the last thousand years debating the point of “ensoulement” without coming to any solid consensus.
Something that happens naturally to 60-80% of fertilized eggs anyway. (Yes, fertilized eggs.)
Wait, when did logic come into the Catholic church?
Or “GALILEO WAS RIGHT!” prior to Nirvana dropping the Nevermind album.
There there, Thomas Aquinas, William of Occam and Aristotle — the molestache man is almost done.
Yes, I can clearly see the moral and logical problem you’ve backed yourself into.
←Bad    Good→
“Sorry about your son’s sphincter, here’s some money…”
Do you get the feeling that somewhere there’s a shop class missing its wacky teacher, and the girls are having to use the bandsaw without someone leaning over to guide both of their hands?
Brought to You by Your Ashur-Worshipping Friends in Ninveh:

Capital of the Ancient Assyrian Empire

Capped by Space Toast

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